Friday, June 3, 2011

Baseball Team Symmetry - Yankess & Royals, part 3

Logo of the NY Yankees
Stars and Stripes pattern taken from US Flag design

The names Yankee and Royal are related to Genesis of the United States of America. During the original Anglo-American Civil War of 1776 the term Yankee was used to describe the rebellious colonists who sought to break from from England and the Royal Crown.

Yankee was a pejorative label to all rebellious colonists in the South as well as the North. In 1776, Rebs living in Georgia, the Carolinas, and Virginia were all dammed Yankees in the eyes of London and Royalist Colonists.

On the other hand a good percentage of American Colonists totally resisted the idea of forming a new nation. History books refers to these people as Loyalists - many of whom later became the founding fathers of Canada after Yankees had won in 1783.

These teams are based in two radically different parts of America. The NY Yankees are a city slicker team from the largest metropolis of the USA, while the Royals play in the heartland of America. The dichotomy of country vs urban hits a key note when these to teams of the American League are compared.

Logo of Kansas City Royals
Design similar to shield of Heraldry

Note the Logo of the Kansas City Royals uses a heraldic shield device, while the NY Yankees has a stars and stripes pattern reflective of the national flag.

When combined these two teams echo the title of my blog with elements of flags and heraldry. On top of that, they both uses devices that tops our heads. The Kansas City Royals Logo has a golden crown topped with four 'golden baseballs.' While the NY Yankees logo has a patriotic 'Uncle Sam Top Hat.'

Both logos incorporate baseball gear - the NY Yankee Logo has a red bat that supports the patriotic top hap, while the Kansas City Royal's 'shield' looks like a home plate.

These combined logos essentially show us that baseball is home.... somewhere over the rainbow the heart of America can be found, from the golden fields of Kansas too the bright lights and soaring heights of New York City.

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