Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Old Libya Flag with New Malawi Flag

Rebel Flag of Libya 2011 &
Old Flag before Kadaffi

The flags of Africa shift like a slow and steady glacier. The new rebel flag of Libya is actually the old flag of Libya before Kadaffi came into power.

Before the 2011 Libyan Civil War, Malawi adopted a new flag due to a shift in political leadership.

Malawi abandoned The Red Sunset Flag and shifted the order of the colours. The Old Flag of Malawi is still paired with the flag of Kenya. But the Malwai-Kenya bond is outside of the "now." The new Malawi Flag since 2010 pairs up with the flag of Libya's Eastern Rebel Flag.

New Flag of Malawi

The flags of Malawi and Rebel Libya are bonded like yin and yang. Malawi has a white sun and white rays, while the Old/New Libya flag has a crescent moon. It is a perfect match of Sun and Moon or rather Day and Night. My primary research in flag study has discovered that flags can be paired up two by two.

Libya and Malawi represent of the great cultural divide within Africa. Although both countries are African Nations - they differ much in culture and customs. There are two great cultural divides within Africa - Black Africa and Arab Africa. Malawi is of the Black African sort while Libya is Arabian African.

Politically speaking, if the Western Kadaffi Loyalist flag should fall, it may herald that the flag of Saudi Arabia may also undergo a 'democratic revolution.' Saudi Arabia is a dictatorship - albeit a US friendly dictatorship. If this play with the USA dictatorship should fall it may give rise to an anti-US Democracy.

Libya's green flag is partnered with Saudi Arabia. It's interesting to note that Saudi Arabia has been a friendly dictatorship towards the US, while Libya has been a hostile dictatorship towards the US.

A New pair of Flag Partners has come to awareness

There was some doubt about my flag symmetry idea when the flag of Malawi changed last year, since the apparent harmony between Malawi and Kenya was broken.

But their bond is not broken. Like the bond of love, it simply changes form, and is permanent. The Red Sun Set Flag of Malawi is still the partner to the current Kenyan Flag. However this bond exists outside of the now, as of 2011.

Likewise the dismissal of the Green Flag of Libya does not cut the tie between green flags of Saudi Arabia and Libya. Libya and Saudi Arabia will always have a connection to each other and to the United States.


  1. hello there, the Libyan flag is geniune, it was not decided or formed by some wishy-washy dictator like who everin controll malawi or whatever... the libyan flag was chosen by he Libyan People, in a free election and its colors and its shape and mesarment was consituted in the Libyan Constitution , which was approved by the libyan people in a free refrundum in....(and guess what year!!!???) in 1951.... at that time theere is no malawi or halawi or halaween.... Pls dont compare genuine things and events to washy-washy so called contries....

  2. The Black Red and Green Flags you see in most African countries are Pan-African Flag colors. They have their origins in the Garvey movement and Marcus Garvey promoted Pan Africanism - which promoted anti-coloniliams in the pan african world. His writings, meetings, and philosophies were shared with African leaders at that time who were collborating for self liberation. So the colors that are in the flag, represent the philosophy of pan africanism which the presidents in the 1960's where influenced by. American holiday Kwanza, uses thie flag b/c it originates with the Garvey movement that started in the US and worked with the African countries in sharing ideas, principals and philosophies for Pan Africanism. The colors also represent Green (land), Red (bloodshed), and Black for the people -- None of those factors will change in Malawi which is why the new Mw flag kept those colors nor KE b/c there colonial history was similar. Also Kenyatta and Banda were both Pan-Africanists, which explains the colors of the flag. I wish this article had dug deeper into the origins of the flags and the symbols behind them. The Libyan and Malawi Flags are certainly similar, but we need to remember that Africa is one continent , Arab or non-Arab , as a people , we all underwent colonialism, we all had bloodshed, we all have fertile land, and all had Black people so yes, our flags are going to look alike.

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  4. I think red, black and green (and also white), in Libyan case, are probably took from Pan-Arabic colors, not from Pan-African colors.

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