Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kenya, Malawai, Madonna, & Kwanza

Flag of MALAWI
The matching pattern of Africa: Malawi and Kenya. Both nations are relatively new nations born out of the British African Empire. They are at the two ends of the Rift Valley. Kenya in the north and Malawi in the south.

Malawi was recently made famous because of Madonna's adoption choices. Perhaps some day in the distant future a famous black pop star from Malawi will adopt an white orphan from Bay City, Michigan?

Flag of KENYA
Kenya and Malawi are both below the horn of Africa & on the east side. They are composed of your typical African admixture of Christians in the majority with Muslims in the minority, with a strong undertow of Native Beliefs and mixed spiritualists combined with Abrahamic faiths.

Kenya and Malawi are rich in resources and diversity. Surely in the next 50 years they will be proverbially totally different nations.

Finally, in 1966 Ron Karenga of Maryland, USA invented a pan African Holiday called Kwanzaa. The lighting of seven candles during December was meant to promote African Unity: 3 red and 3 green with a black candle in the center. So...if you are celebrating Kwanzaa, hanging the flags of Kenya and Malawi in the background would look just smashing!

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  1. The Black Red and Green Flags you see in most African countries are Pan-African Flag colors. They have their origins in the Garvey movement and Marcus Garvey promoted Pan Africanism - which promoted anti-coloniliams in the pan african world. His writings, meetings, and philosophies were shared with African leaders at that time who were collborating for self liberation. So the colors that are in the flag, represent the philosophy of pan africanism which the presidents in the 1960's where influenced by. American holiday Kwanza, uses thie flag b/c it originates with the Garvey movmentm that started in the US and worked with the African countries in sharing ideas, principals and philosophies for Pan Africanism. The colors also represent GReen (land), REd (bloodshed), and Black for the people -- None of those factors will change in Malawi nor KE b/c there colonial history was similar. I wish this article had dug deeper into the origins of the flags and the symbols behind them.