Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Green Flags Ahoy! Saudi Arabia & Guess Who

Flag of Saudi Arabia
with Islamic Prayer on it the Shahada

Libya and Saudi Arabia are nations enchanted with the emerald colour. Perhaps living in a desert made them treasure the colour green, for it meant life was near and perhaps an oasis.

Islam claims green for it's very own.

Libya and Saudi Arabia are nations with a vast ocean of sand. These nearly endless seas of sand and earth rest on the entrance door steps of Europe to Africa and Asia.

They are close cousins of sorts but polarized to different oceans. Libya is on the African Coast of the Mediterranean World rooted to the Atlantic, while Saudi Arabia is on the Asiatic Red and Persian Sea coasts, rooted to the Indian Ocean.

They are sibling nations that are stringently Islamic & Arabic. They are so close to the western world yet so far away.
Flag of Libya
Green is the colour of Islam
Tragically, both nations gave rise to scorpion like militants who have sent tremors of pain and fear down the American Spinal chord. For the desert is a harsh teacher, yet if you learn and respect her ways she will love you like none other.

What are the chances that Destiny would bless these nations with such vast quantities of petroleum? After eons and countless generations, our generation was the chosen to live in the age of the horseless chariot. A precious generation we are, so lucky and blessed. Yet this blessing has come with a curse. But within this curse lies our greatest hope.

For the magic potion that feeds these horseless chariots was fatefully given in great abundance to Libya and Saudi Arabia.

People of the Desert were always aware and intelligent of the various needs of life, people, circumstance, religion, and politics. As the modern world comes to terms with a limited amount of resources, the people of the Desert were destined to rise in the lime light of our awareness, for they are no stranger to life under a strict, straight and narrow path. Rather they are masters of it.

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