Friday, February 11, 2011

One Piece Flag

Flag of Once Piece

Every once and a while the world of Japanese Anime & Manga-Comic Books strikes a chord in Japan. Recently the Comic One Piece since 1997 has captured a big audience in Japan. In the US its considered child's play but in Japan the majority of people who read this comic and watch the cartoon are adults.

The flag of One Piece is a jolly roger - white skull and cross bones on a black background. The skull is wearing a yellow round straw hat with a red wreath-band. The skull also has eight teeth in a smiling position.

It is popular partly because it shows that trust and friendship can carry people through difficult times. It also inspires people to follow their dreams and fear not the obstacles in your path. Do not worry about what others will think, trust in yourself, and people who care about you!.

The intro in the third season sums up the spirit of One Piece, "Seek Freedom and the world will stand stretched out before your eyes. If the endless dream guides your spirits, follow it! Bear the will and conviction behind your flag!"

This show has truly inspired rather than just entertained.

Intro of One Piece with Flags edited

Link to Once Piece - watch in English

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