Friday, February 18, 2011

The Provisional Confederate President - Jefferson Davis

Alabama's Confederate State Flag
at Jefferson Davis' Inauguration

The Confederate Government officially came into existence on February 4, 1861 and the provisional president was chosen - Jefferson Davis. Only six states had left the Union and formed the Confederacy - South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, and Louisiana.

Thus only six states 'voted' in Jefferson Davis as the 'Provisional President' of the Confederacy.

Texas would later join the Confederacy in the following month making Texas the first state admitted into the Confederacy, as the proverbial Vermont of the Confederacy.

Texas was the original Johnny Reb Come Late of the first batch, before Ft. Sumter. Likewise Texas' current fraternal flag twin North Carolina was the final Johnny Reb Come Late of the second batch after Ft. Sumter.

Jefferson Davis would be elected again under the Confederate Constitutional Election in 1862 as the 'First Constitutional' President. President Davis served in opposition to three US Presidents - Buchanan, Lincoln, and Johnson.

Back side of Flag

But 150 years ago today Jefferson Davis was inaugurated at the Montgomery, Alabama state house. The Confederacy did not yet have an official flag but it is reported that the Alabama State flag was raised.

This flag was double sided. On the front is a woman in a crimsion dress holding the Bonnie Blue Flag in her left hand. In her right hand she is holding a sword that is pointed towards the ground. The motto printed in all Capital Yellow Letter on the blue background reads, "INDEPENDENT NOW AND FOREVER." On the other side of the flag is a cotton bush with three red flowers and white cotton ready to be picked. On the bottom left side of the bush is a serpent. Below the Cotton Bush is a motto in Latin, written in the same manner as it is on the front, "NOLI ME TANGERE," which means DON'T TOUCH ME.

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