Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February is Aquarius Month

Symbol of Aquarius

Aquarius is the month of the Water Bearer. Water is key for life, it sustains, heals, purifies, and enchants. The sound of rainfall and the beauty of the snowflake are perpetual symbols of cosmic harmony, honored and beautified in countless poems. Along the beach or in an oasis, water is a reflection of love.

British Indian Ocean Territorial Flag

However the image of a water slave pouring water - does not inspire patriotism. Nationalism is usually associated with fire, thus the spirit of water runs counter to the instincts of nationalism.

But the symbol of Aquarius appears only accidentally on a few flags. Perhaps the most 'Aquarian' flag belongs to a far off remote island in the Indian Ocean - the Chagos Archipelago. This last remnant of the British East India Company has a flag that reverberates the essence of water via six wavy blue lines. These wavy lines - blue and white - represent the natural and cosmic forces at work upon seas.

Personal Flag of Annie Platoff

Here is another flag that reflects the 'footprint' of Aquarius - although by accident. When the name 'Annie' is spelled using hieroglyphic symbols for the sounds of the letter, the repeating symbol for the letter "N" resembles the symbol of Aquarius. It spells out phonetically from top to bottom "Ah - N - N - ee" or Annie. Anne M. Platoff is the author of Russian Regional Flags - the Flags of the Subjects of the Russian Federation - 2009.
Wonderful Ice Cold Drink
in Japan made by the Coke Company

Finally I must mention the drink - Aquarius. Anyone who has visited Japan will know this drink. It is a refreshing sports drink made by the Coca-Cola Company. It is a mystery of corporate marketing mumbo-jumbo as to why Aquarius is not marketed in the US or Canada. Perhaps Coke has other products it wants to keep protected.

Hey Coke Stock Holders! Starbucks basically has a monopoly on the bottled ice coffee North American Market. Those marketing nit wits at Coke are costing yous millions of dollars in lost can/bottled ice coffee revenue. Some places charge 3.99 for ice coffee in a can! THINK Georgia Ice Coffee Drinks! Better Yet...Hey Pepsi Stock Holders - WHY don't you tap the can/bottle coffee market before the Coke-heads? You snooze - you loose.

The Age of Aquarius in 2011

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