Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bear Flag Centennial

Celebratory Flag for California's State Flag
Officially at 100 years

100 Years ago on February 2, 1911 California officially adopted her state flag. The flag was first designed during the Mexican American War back in early June of 1846, and has been slightly altered. To learn more about this flag see the link below to the Virtual Bear Flag Museum.

California is the Yin and Yang State. She is in between the West and the East of the Old World - geographically speaking. California's Eastern side is closer to Asia, while California's Western side is closer to Europe. You can think of it like this - Los Angeles is closer to Pairs than Shanghai but San Francisco is closer to Shanghai than Paris. California sits at a meridian in between two fantastic cities of the Old World - that are packed with a lot of grace, style, and attitude.

Likewise California is a certain kind of Key Stone State for the America's by North and South - Southern California is a lot like Latin America while Northern California is more like Canada.

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