Saturday, October 28, 2017

Post Historical Regional Flags for 1776

The 1776 rebellion with the UK follows the narrative of the colonies versus the King of England.  But in truth, it was more like Civil War.  For if the 13 Colonies lost, without French aid, surely it would have been something like footnote of some rebellion, like the French and Indian wars or English Civil War.  Nonetheless, there were many colonies that remained pro-union with the UK including: Nova Scotia, Quebec, West Florida, East Florida, Jamaica, Bermuda, Newfoundland, the Bahamas, and many more colonies in the American Caribbean.  Suffice it to say there were more than 13 Loyal Colonies in the British Americas who fought to keep the Rebels in their place.

In fact, the first overseas nation to be invaded by the United States was the Bahamas.   Of course the Bahamas were yet to be an independent nation.  Yet the Bahamas was a sibling colony of the thirteen rebelling colonies and had no interest in joining the 1776 rebellion.

Please note, these flags are a modern creation from the 21st Century.  Their purpose is to act as a teaching aid, and remind us that history is continually being revised and rewritten.  Nonetheless, the symbolism is directly tied to specific facts that reflect the structure of the colonies and historical flags that would later sprout from these regions.  

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