Friday, October 13, 2017

2018 Olympic Flag with Katagulna, a new Japanese-Korean scipture

Korean scripture is amazingly beautiful.  It takes the architecture of Chinese and mixes it with an original Korean phonetic script that effectively mixes the two.  Such that, the combined phonetics create unique Korean-ji Kanji Characters.  This has been previously done with the Roman-English script, but now the Japanese Katakana script has been modified to follow the path as laid by King Sejong

Anyone who can read Japanese Katakana will recognize that the message in between the Olympic Rings and English title spells out "Pyeon Chan".  If you don't see it take a second look.

And yes, Pyeon Chan is spelled out in Japanese as "Pyo-n-cha-n" without a "gu."

Note that Hangul was created just before... Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue in 1492, in 1443, when you and me were nowhere to be. 

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