Sunday, March 19, 2017

Trollstice Banners and Scepter from the Movie Trolls - 2016

Vexilloids make an appearance in Dreamworks 2016 movie, Trolls.  During the celebration of Trollstice by the Bergens, a Bib Banner can be seen declaring the Trollstice Holiday.  The bib banner is green and yellow.

Along the route to the King's Castle, Troll skull banners can be seen.  They have an imprint of the a troll-head forked on a skewer.  Underneath in the compartment is a sinister knife, dexter fork, and sinister spoon in yellow.   The standard crossed-saltire eyes on a troll head indicate it is ready to eat and no longer living.

The master of ceremonies for Trollstice is the King's Chef.  Here, she is holding the Trollstice Scepter.  It has a long white handle and golden Troll head skewered on a fork for its finial.  Trolls are usually mean spirited beings who love mischief and making trouble.  But trolls in this movie are positive super happy sparkly sprites of joy. 

Here is a close up of the Trollstice Scepter Finial.  This design is also seen on the green banners on the path to the castle.  The golden finial is pointing towards the Bergen Prince on the shoulder of the Bergen King.  The Prince is about to get his first taste of happiness. 

Bergens think that happiness can only be found by eating Trolls.  They are obsessed with finding happiness outside of themselves, and have forgotten the path to inner happiness.

Trolls 2016 is a fantastic fast paced, peachy sweet and silly film, that the senses can devour.  This is how the recently no so funny and bizarre Smurf movies should have went, but it was the Trolls that tapped that sweet silly spot of noodly nostalgia, balanced with a modern mix.  This movie is a colourful classic for a whole happy fun loving family.

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