Saturday, March 4, 2017

German-Irish Harp Pride Flag

Kiss me I'm Irish!  Is what a good majority of Americans can say and really mean it.  White as the standard ethnic dimension has many layers, but the thickest layer for American is the German-Irish mix or rather Irish-German mix: sometimes called Geryish, Irgermanish, or Iyemergernish.  These people love music, dance, hard-work, and deep thoughts, they give America her dominant white flavor and cultural proclivities, such as Halloween and St. Patrick's Day, the Christmas Tree, and hot dogs. 

In honor of this very deep and fun loving mestizo-race of the Irish-German mix, we have the Irish-German Harp Pride Flag.  Similar to the Irish Pride flag, it has a German black eagle on an Irish Harp.  The Iron Cross is in the canton position.  Remember that this symbol of Christianity was used before WWI as a national German symbol.  It gives this flag a heavy metal rock and roll feel, where many heavy rock and rollers just happen to be of this background.

Here is a would be perfect national anthem of ERINALIMANIA. 

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