Monday, March 20, 2017

Flag for the Way-Mid Pole or Anti-Pole

Since there is now a Center Pole which is aligned with the standard map orientation with East to the right and north towards the up or forwards, we now have an opposite end to the Center Pole: the Way-Mid Pole or Anti-Pole.

This is the flag for the Way-Mid Pole.  The colours of the flag are white, green and two shades of blue.  The Way-Mid Pole is in the Pacific Ocean directly 90 Degrees east of the East Pole and 90 west of the West Pole.

It is called the Way-Mid Pole because it is not at Midway.  Furthermore from its point of orientation, it is backwards from the East Pole and West Pole.  The West Pole is eastward, while the East Pole is westward.  Bottom line is, that it is the opposite pole of the Center Pole in Gabon, Central Africa. 

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