Thursday, March 9, 2017

Flag for Starboard - the Right Side of a Ship

The Starboard flag is green with white stars.  It has 13 white stars on a field of green.  It can be flown on the right-starboard side of a ship, plane, or car.

The stars are reflective of the word star in starboard.

When being held this flag goes in the right hand.  Like horizontal traffic signals the right light is always green, this may help you remember that the right-ward direction is associated with green.

If you happen to know Japanese then you can use Meegee equals Midori, association.  The Japanese word for green and the right-ward direction both start with an M- Meegee means right-ward (but does not mean correct as it does in English) and Midori means green.

Unlike NATO's Starboard flag which is also green and white, this International Starboard flag does not confuse itself with any nation, as the NATO Starboard flag looks like the flag of Nigeria. 

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