Thursday, March 9, 2017

Flag for Port or the Left Side of the Ship

The Port flag is red and white.  It can be flown as a decal or flag on the port side of a ship, plane, car, or bus. 

The anchor symbolizes that ships can 'park' in this area, as is often the case with most ports.

Additionally red is associated with the port side of a ships navigation light.

If you happen to speak English you can use the synchronized association of 4 letters for left-to-port when thinking about the left side of the ship, when facing forward.

Also port wine has a red colour. Finally like a horizontal traffic light, the red light is always on the left, port side of the traffic signal.

If holding this flag in one's hand, the left hand should hold this flag.  Like the NATO port flag, there are red vertical stripes to appreciate.  Unlike NATO's Port flag, this flag is not as confusing.  NATO's Port flag confusingly looks like the Answer/Code flag.

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