Sunday, March 12, 2017

Flag for the East Pole

The East Pole is a natural consequence of the West Pole, since the East Pole is on the opposite side of the West Pole.  As a result, the East Pole is directly underneath Ecuador in Indonesia, Tembilahan.  The East Pole is on the equatorial island of Sumatra.  In the photo to the left, a Sumatran Elephant stands next to the East Pole.

The flag for the East Pole uses the colours: red, orange, yellow, and white.  In the center is the a white sun rising for the beginning of each new day.  Once you have traveled to the East Pole in Indonesia, you can fly this flag.

The rational for the East Pole rests on four legs of logic.  First it is a natural consequence of the West Pole.   Secondly it is in the Eastern Hemisphere.  It resides in East Asia, where each new day begins. Finally Indonesia was once a part of the Rising Sun Empire.

Image Source of Mosque

Image of Elephant

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