Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company Flag - The White Eagle and Letter N on a Field of Blue

Unfortunate unexpected occurrences hit the fan all the time.  Long ago people took it as sign that you deserved it, were under a curse, or somebody sent you some bad energy.  But accidents happen at a set statistical formula, and a whole industry of Emergency Relief Entities have come into existence to deal with these 'random' events.

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio is one of the these many organized groups who deal with these trying situations.  Of vexillological note, they usually open their commercials by waving their corporate flag.  It has a sky blue background, with a large white capital letter "N."  On top of the "N" is an eagle - a bald eagle completely coloured white.  It is a vexillologically sound flag, that is easily identifiable.

In this commercial Nationwide playfully puts children into poor customer service situations.  You can read into the commercial that Nationwide promotes customer compassion, satisfaction, and service first. In the picture here the US national flag can be seen in the background. Another flag to the left is indistinguishable. 

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