Friday, March 25, 2016

Guinea-Bissau Exclusive Economic Zone Flag

So you may think this looks like the flag of Texas?  Sure I see the resemblance.  But it more so looks like the flag of North Carolina if ya' asked me!

Coincidentally Guinea-Bissau has a richer connection to North Carolina, than say Iowa, Vermont, or Saskatchewan.  Millions of people who live in North Carolina have ancestors whoms originate from this nation on the West Coast of Africa.

Most people recognize that North Carolina has blood connections to da' fancy pants nations of Scotland, England, Germany, and Israel.  But in fact North Carolina has a deeper more serious blood connection to Guinea-Bissau, that has been unfortunately - lost to the ages.

Long story short, this is a birthright flag for folk' who just a' happen to be born in this special-twilight area of the Earth that is partially international an' partially under the sovereign economic control of Guinea-Bissau.

So if you were born in this area, most likely on a ship- but on water births are not impossible, you can fly this with flag with pride equal to that of America puttin' than darn flag on the moon!

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