Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Flags from Glory 1989, The 54th Massachusettes

The story of the 54th Massachusetts African-American infantry unit was portrayed in 1989 with the epic film Glory. This 'colored' military unit saw extensive service during the US Civil War.  Here their unit flag can be seen with yellow stars along with state flag of Massachusetts.
 Matthew Broderick honors young Robert Gould ShawGlory effectively illustrated Colonel Shaw's youth, abolitionist political views, and valiantly illustrated his bravery during his final command at Fort Wagner.  

It was in Glory, that Morgan Freeman became a household name.  Freeman rose to stardom late in life.  Consequently his star has burned steady, smooth, true and bright.  Freeman's real world character and rich experience of life's knowing shined through as Sergeant Major Rawlins.
Here the several US flag can be seen flying as the troops of the 54th march in parade formation after successful training.

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