Sunday, December 20, 2015

Oregon Holiday Card 2015 the Back Side Beaver!

Almost forgot the other side of Oregon's Flag.  It to needed some North Polarization!  Here are a few of the most important of Santa's magic forest critters: Ben the Brave Beaver and the magical flying Chipmunks.  They don't deliver presents but Ben the Brave Beaver from Oregon can magically repair broken toys and friendships. Ben has a mean set of tools and vast collection of self help books. The twelve stars represent the 12 Days of Christmas.  Finally the flag reads "Merry Christmas!"

Regular Oregon B-Side
This post is a third in a series.  Due to color issues, flags were presented in two forms, kinda' like Christmas Lights.  Some persons like monochrome, others love colored, and many like both.  


  1. Hi, looking for where I could get permission to use the Beaver Christmas Flag artwork for a run of about 50 t-shirts.
    Paul V. Please reply to:

    1. Sure! I createdthe flag, can you send one to me? Make 50+1?

      sorry so late,
      Chris Maddish