Sunday, December 20, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016!

This year the Fraternal Flag Partners of Oregon and Nebraska were North Polarized.  Like all previously holiday hyped state flags of the USA, these scenes switched from day to night.  In this case a setting moon over the Pacific sets the winter scene with 33 stars, as Oregon was the last state of the Perfect Virgin Union, before the arrival of the Ugly Cousin of Civil War.  Snow is covering the treetops and the Conestoga Wagon with two oxen has been replaced by two reindeer and an X-Mas sleigh.  The ribbon now reads "Christmas" instead of "Union." Below the ribbon is a toy train, teddy bear, and wrapped present.  Instead of two ships, a blue wale jumping in the air in the moon light and amazingly an iceberg from the South Pole has ended up with nine penguin castaways.  The nine penguins represent the nine candles of Hanukkah.  In the far distance, a reindeer with a bright red nose can be seen practicing for a jump in the air.  Finally, the US bald eagle has been replaced with a partridge with a stem of holly in its talons. 

Nebraska's Winter Christmas Theme is, of course, also at night.  A crescent moon is visible just under the Christmas Motto that reads "Providence, Perpetual, Peace."  The blacksmith is now an giant elf, who is making a toy.  Just to the left is a teddy bear and rocking horse.  His cabin is covered with snow and icicles.  The train is fully shown from engine to caboose.  The river is frozen, with two ice skaters instead of a ferry boat.  The trees have lost all of their leaves.  Finally there are 37 stars to represent Nebraska as the 37th state.

Oregon and Nebraska are fraternal twin states because their flags align with similar designs.  The most important thing is that these states represent the USA at the beginning and ending of Civil War.  Oregon was the last state to remember the perfect union before war, while Nebraska is the first state of the new era born afterwards.

If you want to see these flags in Original True State flag colors, Click Here.
If you want to see the backside of Oregon's flag north polarized, Click Here.

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