Sunday, November 29, 2015

Flags form Superfusion Book by Zachary Karabell

Flags on book covers are a popular motif. Especially for non-fiction international expositions and opinions, and secondly for espionage thrillers.  But every once and a while really snappy and original flags are created.

Here on the cover of Superfusion 2009 by Zachary Karabell the flags of China and United States have been fused.  To the average person they may just look like some strange nation, but after a moment the crossing of cantons becomes obvious.

This book delivers as its covers suggests, "How China and America become one economy and why the world's prosperity depends on it."

Note if you dig directly under the United States you won't hit China.  However the US has small antipodal parts that are directly underneath a portion of Antarctica and Africa -  Nigeria, Namibia; and the remote islands of the South India Ocean - Kerguelen.

Likewise if you are in China - parts of South America are directly underneath, notably Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Peru and a remote part of the UK
Here the United States canton is superimposed on  the red field of China.

In contrast we have the field of American stripes overtaking the flag of China.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

US Flag in AVGN Movie 2014

During a silly scene in the 2014 AVGN Movie the US flag appears on a fake moon landing shot.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hesh Flag from Sea Lab 2021

The Hesh flag from the animated adult oriented comedy show Sea Lab 2021 is a horizontal tribal of white, blue, and white.  Off center to towards the hoist is the silhouette of Hesh holding a microphone raising his right hand.

Sea Lab 2021 Flag

The flag for the experimental sea lab station of the future in the animated series Sea Lab 2021 has yellow background and the silhouette of the station in blue centered in the middle.

International Extended Continental Shelf Flag

The International Extended Continental Shelf Flag is composed of the colours black, white, yellow, and lime green.  It indicates that a particular seabed area is under sovereignty of a nation.  As this is an internationally coded flag, it should be flown with a national flag to indicate respective control.

Note this flag does not have to be flown on the bottom of the seabed.  It can be flown on ship, rig, or buoy to indicate a national claim along the sea floor, but remember that the waters are international and fishing rights extended to all official nations.
The seven stripes represent the seven seas of ancient lore.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

US Sea Floor Continental Shelf Flag

Flag for the US Sea Floor Continental Shelf Claim - Beyond the Exclusive Economic Zone

The Extended and regular Continental Shelf claim is the modern day frontier of the United States.  All nations get an extra "Sea Floor Claim" of 150 Nautical Miles beyond their Exclusive Economic Zone. Note, this only applies to the sea floor and not to the air and ocean above, at least yet.   Sea Floor rights are related to minerals and creatures on the bottom of the ocean.  Thus oil deposits found in this area belong to one particular nation.  Likewise any crabs, sponges, starfish, lobsters, and clams are under sovereign marine jurisdiction.  But any fish swimming in these waters are in International Waters, free for the pickings of any fisherman. 

Unlike the unresolved Lunar and Antarctica claims, the Extended Continental Shelf Claims are a hot topic for industries in the mining, crabbing, scientific exploration communites, and James Cameron.

The Extended Continental Self claim of the United States is estimated to be about half the size of the Louisiana Purchase.  Certainly a strange claim, since, it can extend the sea floor rights of a nation a maximum of 100 Nautical Miles beyond the established 150 Nautical Mile seafloor claim further out from the Exclusive Economic Zone but only if certain requirements are met.

First this measurement must fall at a depth of 2500 meters below sea; and within the established continental shelf claim.  To restate that's 2.5 kilometers below sea level.  Then perpendicular from this point (the 2500 meter isobath depth) a nation's Extended Seafloor Claim can reach out an extra 100 Nautical Miles.  Thus in theory, a nation could have extended seafloor rights that reach up to a maximum of 450 Nautical Miles out to Sea from a nations low tide coastline mark.  This only applies if the 2500 meter depth Isobath (depth from sea level) just happens to be on the 350th Nautical Mile out to sea.

 Note that Extended Continental Shelf claims are all in, or rather under, international waters.  This means that the Extended Continental Shelf Claim applies only to the surface of the Earth underwater.  All waters and airspace directly above the Extended Continental Shelf Claim does belong to any one particular nation.

Eventually this situation will change when people colonize the bottom of the sea in the 22nd Century.  In theory, as it has not yet happened, a person born on the bottom on the sea floor has the right to fly this flag.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Flag for Americans born in International Airspace

The flag for American born in International Airspace unclaimed by the nations uses the colours white, red, and blue.

Nominally this could take place over flights over the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean.  Although rare, births aboard international air flights have been occurring with more frequency each decade.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Flag for Americans born in Domestic US Airspace

The flag for Americans born in the skies of the United States has a navy blue background central star on a blue disc that is surrounded by a white circle.  Across the circle is a horizontal striped wing pattern that is white blue and white.  The central emblem looks like a US Air Force marking but is slightly different. 

Although a rare occurrence, as time moves on there are more and more people born in US Airspace every decade.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Flag for Americans born in Foreign Airspace

The flag for Americans born over Foreign Airspace uses the colours red, white and blue.  The central symbol is a modified roundel emblem based upon the USAF.

For example if an American is born in the air on an aircraft while flying through Canadian, Russian, European, or Brazilian airspace, then they have a right to fly this flag. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Flag for Americans born on the Southern Ocean

The flag for Americans born within the Southern or Antarctic Ocean uses the colours blue, white and orange.

Flag for Americans born on the Arctic Ocean

The flag for Americans born on the Arctic Ocean uses the colours of white, navy blue, and indigo.  In the upper hoist area is a Betsy Ross canton of 13 stars on a field of white. 

Flag for Americans born on the Indian Ocean

The flag for Americans born in the Indian Ocean uses the colours navy blue, green, orange and white.  In the upper hoist area is a Betsy Ross circle of stars. 

Flag for Americans born on the Pacific Ocean

The flag for Americans born in the Pacific Ocean uses the colours navy blue and white.  It is a simple flag with a rising white diagonal and Betsy Ross Canton in the honorable canton position.  In the 1800s and early part of the 1900s several hundred Americans were born at sea in the Pacific Ocean as intercontinental travel by ship was slow and the primary means of long distance transport.

Notable Americans born on the Pacific Ocean:
Francis Lathrop - American Painter born near Hawaii

Flag for Americans born on the Atlantic Ocean

Most Americans are born in the USA, some are born abroad in foreign lands by Americans living abroad.  But still a few are born at sea.  This flag is for Americans born on the Atlantic Ocean.

The flag for Americans born on the Atlantic Ocean uses the colours red, blue, and white.  In the upper hoist area is the famous Betsy Ross Circle of stars to denote connectivity to the United States.  In the 1600s, 1700s, 1800s and early 1900s there were hundreds of Americans born at sea on a ship, since this method of transport was extremely slow and the only means of intercontinental travel.

In many ways the Atlantic Ocean is the ocean that gave proverbial birth to the people of America who would come to dominate the American Continent undergoing a metamorphosis from African, European and Asian unto becoming a new people - American.  

Notable Americans born on the Atlantic Ocean
Westmoreland Davis - the 48th Governor of Virginia
Oceanus Hopkins - Born on the Mayflower 1620
Mary Jemison - frontierswoman 
August D. Julliard - founder of The Julliard School in NYC
Ed Porray - Baseball Player of the Buffalo Buffeds
Moses O. Williamson - Illinois Politician

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Flag for Americans born in the US Exclusive Economic Zone

Believe it or not, there is an exclusive minority of Americans born upon the sea.  Some are born in US Internal Waters, while others are born in the US Maritime Contiguous Zone, and finally at the very tail-end afterglow of American spaces - we have the US EEZ - or rather the United States Exclusive Economic Zone.

These situations arise when an early unexpected birth takes place at sea, usually upon a cruise ship, transport ship, refinery, or yacht.  Thus a person who has at least one parent or grandparent with US citizenship, can fly this flag so long as they they were born 24 to 200 nautical mile out to sea in the US Exclusive Economic Zone

Although the US EEZ starts three nautical miles out to sea, this flag is for Americans who were born 24 to 200 nautical miles out to sea.  Reason being, citizens born from 3 to 12 nautical at sea are officially born in US territory at sea, thus they can fly the US Internal Waters flag; while a persons born 12 to 24 nautical miles out to sea miles use the US Contiguous flag. 

The colours of this flag are based upon the Exclusive Economic Zone flag combined with first proposed and vexillological US Internal Waters flag.

Image of Map Source/Credit

Monday, November 2, 2015

Flag for Americans born in the US Maritime Contiguous Zone

The US Maritime Contiguous Zone is a shadowy grey region of the USA.  Although this maritime area is classified as International Waters, the United States of America has protected rights upon this region of the Earth.  These rights are related to defensive and law enforcement duties.  This grey zone of America is where US legal proceedings are in effect yet, this area of the Earth is also considered international space.

The colours of this flag are black, orange, and white.  This design is based upon the US Internal Waters Flag  combined with the International Contiguous flag.

The US Maritime Contiguous Zone flag is for Americans who happen to be born in this paradoxical Partial American and Partial International Maritime Zone of the world. 

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Flag for US Internal Waters

The flag for US Internal Waters is based upon a fusion of the red, white, and blue striped flags that were common during the early part of the revolutionary period, mixed with the star field pattern from the US flag from the War of 1812.  However it only has 13 stars that alternate angles in a wavy pattern.  It was during this 'Second War of Independence' with the UK that the US Navy stood its ground.  In honor of that time frame and rise of the US Navy to blue water navy status, the wavy stars of the War of 1812 - Star Spangled Banner flag are brought back into use.

Additionally this flag is for Americans who were born in US internal waters-beyond the three nautical mile claim of the 50 states.  Basically a flag for persons born in sovereign waters of the USA 3 to 12 nautical miles out to sea.  Imagine if you were born on a cruise ship 8 nautical miles off the coast of South Carolina.  You would be born in recognized US federal maritime territory, just beyond South Carolina's maritime borders.  However if you were born 2 nautical miles out to sea from the Charleston, you would be officially born in the state of South Carolina.  Although a rare event, persons born in US internal waters within this special 3 to 12 nautical miles "out to sea" have a right to fly this flag. 

This can easily happen if a person is on a cruise ship, ferry, or yacht and their mother just happens to give birth at sea.  The question is, what if the person does not have parents who are US citizens?  Oddly they are US citizens not because they were born on US soil but rather because they were born in US territory at sea, making them True American Blue Blooded Salty Dogs

12 Nautical Mile Sovereign Internal Waters Flag

The flag to indicate the 12 Nautical Mile Zone of a nation's sovereign waters uses the colours blue, red, white.  The red diagonal off set to blue dominance indicates the division between internal national waters and international waters.  The white triangle on the lower fly represents the peaceful intentions of international waters while the upper hoist blue section represents the recognized claims of a nation's official barrier at sea.

This flag is to be flown under the national flag at sea or directly below the 12 mile contiguous flag of law enforcement.   

Flag for KIC 8462852 - Strange Star in the Cygnus Constellation

This flag represents the non-standard star system found in the Cygnus Constellation - KIC 8462852.  It's unique and atypical star light pattern has caught the attention of astronomers and space enthusiasts of Earth.  It has opened the possibility that advanced Cybertronic life may be out there beyond our Solarian Star System.

The colours indicate the declination and right ascension of this star system.  On the left-hoist side is the right ascension which is at the 20th hour, 6 minutes, and 15 seconds.  While on the right-fly side is the declination which is 44 degrees, 27 minutes, and 24 seconds north.  The northern celestial coordinates are indicated by the upwards pointing darts. 

Earth already is a primitive Cybertronic planet, since the mid 20th century.  Eventually it would be possible to build a ring or partial Dyson sphere around a star.  We are a Class 1 Cybertronic Civilization whereby technology is critical to life, but is external to our biological bodies.  Once electronic devices become embeded under the skin we become a class 2 Cybertronic Civilzation.  We are verging closer to Class 2 as people (mostly youth) are essentially addicted to their cell phone devices and will soon be happy to have microchips implanted under their skin.