Sunday, October 25, 2015

12 Nautical Mile Contigious Zone Flag

The 12 Nautical Mile Contiguous Zone flag is composed of the colours orange and black. This flag is a warning flag that a ship is near a nation's territorial waters and may be subject to a security search if caught within this "Pursuit Zone."  It represents the 12 nautical mile area of International Waters where a nation's security force is legally active.

The 12 Nautical Mile Contiguous Zone is just beyond a nation's Territorial Waters.  The Nautical Contiguous Zone is the proverbial boarder "Chase Zone" of International Waters where national police pursuit is in effect.  For example if a foreign nation should dump toxic waste in these waters, infringe on customs law, conduct any illegal activities a nation can arrest a ship in this area. But if a ship is 25 nautical miles out to sea, she is free from harassment from a nation's coast guard.   

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