Sunday, March 8, 2015

New Face Card - The Peasant, The One of Spades

The One of Spades, The Peasant

Finally a number one card - the Peasant.  The Peasant is a kind of paradox. It is the lowest numbered card yet also a face card. Peasants must get their due respect since their role in the Kingdom is vital to the livelihoods of Kings, Queens, and Jacks. Even the Jokers must live off these "lowly" ranks. Otherwise there would be no royal suits or kingdom to speak of. One may be a low value, but peasants can hold their ground against Aces.  The Peasant ranks above The Pawn, and below the duce.  However, they tie against Aces.  Unlike an Ace, the Peasant can never rank above its value of one.  Thus if you get to two 'ten' cards and one peasant, you will have Blackjack.  Or if you are playing with an 8 deck Blackjack shuffle, then you could theoretically get 21 peasants to also get a Blackjack! Or One Ace and 10 peasants.

(10 clubs + 10 hearts + 1 peasant) = 21 black jack
four aces tie four peasants
four 3s  beat four peasants

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