Sunday, July 20, 2014

Expansion of the Playing Card Chess Set - THE PAWN

The Pawn is the newest and last card of the Expanded Chess Deck, which also includes the rook, knight, and bishop.

Here we have the Pawn of Spades.  It is represented by the letter O, and its value is zero.  It ranks below the 2s, which include the two of clubs, two of hearts, two of diamonds, and two of spades.  Also note the Ace supposedly has the value of one to infinity.  But here the lowest face card has the lowest number value of zero. 

Thus there is also the Pawn of Hearts, Pawn of Diamonds, and Pawn of Clubs.  The Pawn card intentionally looks different from other face cards so not to be mistaken as such.  Likewise the suit is only shown once due to its impoverished value.

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