Sunday, March 29, 2015

United Kingdom States Flag

The United Kingdom States flag is a geographic flag.  It represents the latitudes where the US and UK are parallel to each other.  The United States as the prodigal son of the UK, officially became parallel to the UK in 1959, with the entry of Alaska as the 49th state.  Note that the southern portion of Alaska is parallel to both Scotland and England. 

Subsequently the Alaskan Star field of 49 stars is in the canton.  The elements of the UK flag are also modified such that one sinister bend of St. Patrick's cross is fully exposed.  Likewise a full 1/8th of English white is allowed to express its self twice in a boomerang pattern.

1959 was a watershed year for these nations.  Essentially the UK and US returned to a fully charmed and healthy familial relationship, loving but full of the proper jokes and pokes.  The ugliness and bitterness of the 1776 colonial rebellion became a fully healed scar, leaving a charmed tattoo upon the hearts and minds of the British and American alike.

Subsequently the British and American waltz towards a free and open future heralded and end to draconian manipulative empires and egos at the end of the 20th century, from within and beyond.

The Kiwaussie Flag

The Kiwaussie Flag is a geographic flag.  It is to be flown anywhere in Australia or New Zealand where they are at equal latitude.  Thus the second biggest island of Australia and second biggest island of New Zealand can fly this flag anywhere, since they are at parallel latitudes.   Coincidentally the second biggest island of Australia is a south island, while the second biggest of New Zealand is the north Island.  

Both capital cities can fly this flag since both are parallel to each other. It's a flag to be flown from Adelaide to Auckland, with Melbourne in the middle.

Aussie Up Over Kiwi Flag

The Aussie Up Over Kiwi flag is a type of geographic flag.  It can be flown anywhere on Australia that is north of New Zealand. Almost every state of Australia can fly this flag somewhere upon its land, except the we portion detached from the mainland and the Capital Territory.

The Kiwi Double Down Under Flag - for the region of southern New Zealand

The Kiwi Double Down Under Flag is for the region of New Zealand that is south of Australia.  This is a geographic type of flag.  In the canton is the famous seven pointed Aussie star, but it has been Kiwified.  Note, no part of North Island can fly this flag and only the southern half of South Island can.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Flag for the Region of Mexico below the Lower(Upper) "El Norte" 48 US States

It's only fair that if Canada gets an All Canadian Belt Flag and the USA gets and All American Belt Flag that Mexico should have its own All Mexican Belt Flag.  This is another geographic flag for Mexico indicating when you are below the latitude of the most southern point of "El Norte".

Mexico-USA Parallel Latitude Flag

The Meixco-USA Parallel Latitude flag is a type of geographic flag.  It indicates the regions of Mexico and the USA that are at the same latitude. The flag design is based upon three flags: the US flag via stars in the canton, Mexican flag via the colours red, green and white, and the final design of the 1865 Southern US flag.  20 stars represent the 20 US and Mexican States that can see eye to eye.  For Team El Norte we have South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California.  For Team El Sur de South we have both Upper and Lower California, Durango, Sonora, New Lion, Chihuahua, Sinaola, Zacatecas, Coahuila, Tamaulipas.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Canadian-USA United 48 Parallel Latitude Flag

The Canadian-USA United 48 Parallel Flag is a geographic flag.  It represents the area where Canada and the United States of America are parallel along the Lower 48 US states.  It can be flown anywhere in Canada and the USA that is in between the most southern point of Canada and most northern point of the United 48 in Minnesota.

11 US states are totally parallel to Canada's Latitude: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. 9 US states just have a thin northern slice parallel to Canada: California, Nevada, Utah, Nebraska, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Finally 5 US states are mostly parallel to Canada: New York, Michigan, Iowa, Massachusetts, and Wyoming.

Canadian Belt Flag

A flag for the Latitude of Canada north of the 48 United Continental. The colours of the flag are based upon the previous colours of the maple leaf.  Bet you didn't know that the maple leaf wasn't always red, eh? Before the adoption of the modern flag, Canada was previously represented by a yellow or green or red maple leaf.  Bet you didn't know that, eh?

Thursday, March 26, 2015

All American Belt Flag

A new geographic flag for the United States - The All American Belt Flag.  The All American Belt Flag represents the latitudes of the US that are totally south of Canada and totally north of Mexico.  Meaning that this region of the US can not see it the Canadian Way nor the Mexican Way.  They have their gaze set to the USA Way.

For the record 14 states totally reside in this area and can be trusted as true core red blooded Americans: This includes Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey.  Likewise Washington, DC naturally resides in this area.

An honorable mention goes to California for it is the only state to span the entire area, and can tango toe to toe with Mexico and Canada.  Californians are the only ones who can geographically swing it like a Canadian and a Mexican.  California covers all the bases within the All American Latitude: between the most southern continental point of Canada at 41 Degrees 57 Minutes North to the northern most point in Mexico at 32 Degrees, 34 Minutes North.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mason-Dixon Line Heritage Flag for 39 Degrees 43 Minutes North

Nearly 100 years before the outbreak of the US Civil War, a border survey between Maryland and Pennsylvania would echo across time.  This echo would serve as the semi-official demarcation between the North and South.

Little did Mr. Mason, Chuck and Mr. Dixon, Jerry know that this border established under King George III would serve as a quasi-cultural border of men and women yet to be born a century later.  These names from Oakridge-Lynch and Cockfield, England would become warped with a totally different connotation, beyond their wildest expectations.  History has a way of doing that with new ideas, a moment here, an exaggeration there.  Given enough time, it becomes established, and may even become something completely new.

It was nearly 150 years ago that the war between the US States was reaching its climactic end, so in honor of this closing act, "The Mason-Dixon Line Heritage Flag".  The Mason-Dixon flag is a mixture of a heritage and geographic flag.  Its design elements should be obvious, as a mash up of Union and Rebel flags.  The five stars on the quarters of blue represent the modern free soil states that cross the extended Mason-Dixon line: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and California.  The four stars along the blue diagonal represent the four states that allowed for the wicked right of a person to own another person: Delaware, Maryland, Missouri, and West Virginia.  Finally the central star represents the first state of the English Colonies that would be broken in half: Virginia. Until 1863 Virgina crossed the extended Mason-Dixon line.  

Thus any state mentioned above, has legal rights to fly this flag at 39 Degrees 43 Minutes North, that's 15 in all. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

UN flag from Idiocracy 2006

In the "Time Masheen" ride in Idiocracy an inaccurate revisionist view of the U.N., pronounced uun, has several flags in front of the building.  History has become so distorted in this future that people actually think dinosaurs and people lived simultaneously.

Several national flags can be seen in front of the UN, including a backwards Pakistan, upside down Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, South Africa, Spain, Panama, Palau, and the United States.  However at least six flags are wrongly placed that represent the powerful companies that dominate the future in the 26th century, including Carl's Jr.

Congress Flag Uniforms from Idiocracy

In the year 2505 members of US congress in the "House of Representin" can be easily identified by the state flags on the backs of their uniforms.  Apparently in the year 2505 Georgia reverted to 1956 design that featured the Confederate battle flag.  When this film was created in 2005, Georgia had already discarded use of this flag.  Nonetheless, it is good idea that congress should wear a uniform in addition to a name tag, and stripes to show how long they have been in office.


Courtroom Flags in Idiocracy 2006

 Idiocracy is a special mix of sci-fi, comedy, and satire.  A cryogenic experiment goes horribly wrong and accidentally sends a man from 2005 into the year 2505.  It's a mix of live action Futurama meets Beavis and Butthead

In this future, natural selection has started to favor the less than civil of society, fast food consumer culture and Jerry Springer types. Subsequently a man with average intelligence from 2005 is seen as pompous, effeminate, and the most intelligent person on the planet.

Notice the close up of courtroom flags that expound on certain consumer products. 

US Flag in Idiocracy - 2006

 The Distopian future is a popular genre these days, but before anyone got hungry for kids killing kids and E-Walls, there was Idiocracy.  Not so serious, Idiocracy was more a satire on the state of the human condition. 

An average Joe is sent 500 years into the future to the year 2505, where less than intelligent people have overpopulated the planet; natural selection has favored those who breed the fastest, and intelligence is no longer a factor.

The flag of the United States in the 26th Century has eleven stripes, sort of.  The six red stripes are words and logos of corporations dashed with some patriotic sayings.  The canton consists of 25 yellow stars of the Carl's Jr. logo design.

Friday, March 20, 2015

90 Degrees West Longitude Flag

The 90 Degrees West flag is composed of the colours red, blue, and white.  It can be flown anywhere along the 90th Degree of Western Longitude.  Thus the nations of Canada, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador can fly this flag, as can Chile since this meridian passes though the Galapagos along the equator.

The specific US states that cross the 90th Western Line of Longitude include: Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana.  Additionally the 90th West passes directly though Memphis, Tennessee and New Orleans, Louisiana, and the boot heel of Missouri. 

90 Degrees East Longitude Flag

The 90 Degrees East flag is another geographic flag.  It can be flown anywhere along the longitude of 90 Degrees East from Central Russia, Eastern China, Bhutan, the eastern wing of India, and Bangladesh. 

The squares represent the mathematical symbols for a 90 degree angle.  It is at this angle that the advanced study of triangles "Trig" has opened a gateway to the heavens.

The flag is composed of the colours: green, red, yellow, and black.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Central Australia Heritage Flag - Flag for a Forlorn part of Australia

Form 1927 until 1931 the state of Central Australia existed for a short time on maps.  Here is a heritage flag that commemorates its small role in history.  This flag conserves the Native Australian colours of red, black and yellow, but also utilizes the Southern Cross in a new form and keeps the Aussie Blue upright and proud.

Central Australia was the proverbial Indiana Jones state, since it was created in between WWI and WWII.  It came to life during the Calvin Coolidge's term in the US and was around for the 1929 stock market crash, and disappeared during the Herbert Hoover's administration.  

Australian Capital Territory New South Wales Heritage Flag

A new heritage flag that commemorates the history of New South Wales with Australian Capital Territory.  The design is taken from the modern Aussie Capital flag and New South Wales badge.  However the black swan is coloured black. 

Northern Territory South Australia Heritage Flag

For 48 years from 1863 to 1911 Australia's Northern Territory was a part of South Australia.  In honor of this historical footnote, here is the Northern Territory South Australia Heritage flag that commemorates this fun fact.  It's design is based upon the badge for South Australia and flag for Northern Territory. Northern Territory is unique since it shares two heritage flags since if was once a part of South Australia and New South Wales.

Tasmania New South Wales Heritage Flag

For 37 years from 1788 until 1825 Tasmania was a part of Australia's New South Wales.   But Tasmania's maiden name was Van Diemen's Land.  In 1856 Tasmania reinvented herself with an Aboriginal name, switching from the Dutch sounding Van Diemen's Land to Tasmania.

Tasmania broke away from New South Wales before the genesis of New Zealand, ironically New Zealand would keep her Dutch name, but Van Diemen's Land would not. 

The flag of the Tasmania New South Wales heritage flag is based upon the designs of current flags for New South Wales and Tasmania.

Queensland New South Wales Heritage Flag

For 71 years from 1788 until 1859, the Australian state of Queensland was a part of New South Wales.  In honor of this historical fact, here is a post modern heritage flag that commemorates this relationship.  The design of the flag is based upon the fusion of the New South Wales flag with the modern badge of Queensland.  The upper red region denotes that Queensland is on the north eastern side of the continent.

Queensland is essentially Oregon's temporal twin born down under, or rather Oregon is Queensland's twisted time twin born up and over.  Reason being both states were created in 1859, and for the record Oregon is four months older.  The US's Oregon being an Aquarius while Queensland is a Gemini.

Victoria New South Wales Heritage Flag

For 63 years Victoria was a part of New South Wales, from 1788 until 1851.  Thus you can think of Victoria as being California's Southern Cousin down under.  The Victoria New South Wales Heritage flag is based upon the flag of New South Wales and Victoria.  The coloured yellow quadrant is a reminder that Victoria is on the southern eastern side of Australia. Victoria was the first state born after New Zealand was separated from New South Wales.

South Australia New South Wales Heritage Flag

If New South Wales is the Alpha Dog of Australia, then South Australia is the Gamma Dog.  South Australia is the third state to be born out of New South Wales the same year Arkansas became a state - that was 1836.  South Australia was around to remember when New Zealand was still an adjunct area of New South Wales.

The design of the flag is based on fusion of flag: New South Wales and South Australia.  

Northern Territory New South Wales Heritage Flag

For 75 years from 1788 until 1863 Australia's Northern Territory was a part of New South Wales.  In honor of the period, here is the Northern Territory New South Wales Heritage Flag.  The design is based upon a fusion of the Northern Territory flag with the flag of New South Wales.

New Zealand New South Wales Heritage Flag

The New Zealand New South Wales Heritage flag is a post modern creation that honors the history of Australia and New Zealand.  Although New Zealand and Australia are two completely different nations that have distinct cultures and accents, they were once united as one political entity for quite a while.  New Zealand was a part of New South Wales for 52 years from 1788 until 1840.  Thus in honor when New Zealand was attached to "Australia's Virginia", this flag commemorates their mutual heritage.  

The design is a fusion of the modern New South Wales flag and popular New Zealand Fern Flag.  The Lion has changed colours to white and the stars have been altered as double coloured Kiwi stars. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Happy St. Patrick's Day 2015! 

 Although many people compare the Irish flag with the Italian Flag, it's natural partner is the Ivory Coast Flag, which is the Irish flag upside down, or rather the Irish flag is the Ivory Coast flag upside down - depending on your point of view.  

Additionally India and Niger also use the orange, white, green patter like Ireland but have their stripes perpendicular.  So in honor of these nations that all come together under similar colours here is the multinational St. Patrick's Day Plus flag for people all over the world.  Note the symbols have been slightly modified.  The four leaved clover represents Ireland, the Crescent Tusk represents the Ivory Coast, the green loom wheel represent India, and the orange sun disc represents Niger.   

Monday, March 16, 2015

Republic of Trumania Flag from the Truman Show - 1998

A distinct and original vexilloid makes an appearance in The Truman Show 1998, starring Jim Carrey.  When Truman becomes aware that his life is not so ordinary, he acts in a silly fashion in front of his bathroom mirror.  He uses soap to writes on the mirror a flag pennant with a letter "T" upon it.  Truman then proclaims the planet for "Trumania of the Burbank Galaxy."

Trumania Flag, by Jim Carrey
Coincidentally in 1998, the Internet was in its infancy before social media, blogs, and youtubes.  "Reality television" was upon the verge of becoming a real media, which would later launch the careers of some fairly odd but ordinary people. But in the Truman Show, Truman was adopted from birth and is unaware that he is the star of the fictional Truman Show. Everyone else from his point of view is just an actor or actress.

The amazing and hard to do aspect of the Truman Show is that it conveys deep and comical messages simultaneously.  Jim Carrey walks that thin and delicate line between humour and thoughtful pondering.  The Truman Show was a one of kind film, that was made perfectly before the dawn of the 21st century, as a kind of pre-science of things to come. 

The Truman Show is perhaps the best utilization of a show within a show, that totally imbibes and carries the story, much like the theoretical moon of a moon - making this show a favorite of mature and philosophical thinkers and critics.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Natural Geographic Meridian Flag

The Natural Geographic Meridian Flag takes its colours from official flag from the National Geographic Society Flag.  It represents a "Natural Prime Meridian" which is based upon the the highest point of the equator. This longitude is at about 77 to 78 Degrees West.  

Sunday, March 8, 2015

New Face Card - The Peasant, The One of Spades

The One of Spades, The Peasant

Finally a number one card - the Peasant.  The Peasant is a kind of paradox. It is the lowest numbered card yet also a face card. Peasants must get their due respect since their role in the Kingdom is vital to the livelihoods of Kings, Queens, and Jacks. Even the Jokers must live off these "lowly" ranks. Otherwise there would be no royal suits or kingdom to speak of. One may be a low value, but peasants can hold their ground against Aces.  The Peasant ranks above The Pawn, and below the duce.  However, they tie against Aces.  Unlike an Ace, the Peasant can never rank above its value of one.  Thus if you get to two 'ten' cards and one peasant, you will have Blackjack.  Or if you are playing with an 8 deck Blackjack shuffle, then you could theoretically get 21 peasants to also get a Blackjack! Or One Ace and 10 peasants.

(10 clubs + 10 hearts + 1 peasant) = 21 black jack
four aces tie four peasants
four 3s  beat four peasants

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Lower Makefiled Township Flag, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA

The Lower Makefield Township flag in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA consists a divided field horizontally of green and yellow.  Yellow on top and green on the bottom.  In the center is the township seal, which recycles the Pennsylvania State seal with different colours.

Lower Makefield borders New Jersey along the Delaware River and is sometimes referred to as Yardley, but that is a separate Borough within Lower Makefield. 

Really close up, this is what a galaxy looks like.  Remember you too are a part of the Laniakea Superdooper Cluster.  You are just as beautiful from a distance as close up!