Saturday, February 28, 2015

Central Asia Solo Flag

The Central Asia Solo flag is a geographic flag.  It can be flown anywhere in the longitude in between the most eastern point of Europe and most western point of Australia.

Eurasia Solo Longitude Flag

The Eurasia Solo Longitude flag is a geographic flag.  It represents the longitude where Asia and Europe overlap, beyond the east coast of Africa.  It is a narrow band and its definition depends.  The western boundary is the most eastern point of the African continent, while the eastern boundary is set by the most eastern point of Europe.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Asia, Africa, Europe equal longitude overlap flag - The General Trinity Zone Flag

The General Trinity Zone flag is a geographic flag.  It represents the longitude where Asia, Africa, and Europe all overlap.  Essentially a time zone of itself of the United Continents of the Old World - UCOW.  Green represents Asia, blue represents Africa, and yellow represents Europe.

Note Africa and Europe do not touch, but Asia touches both Europe and Africa.  This fact is represented  through the green triangle.  The red portion represents that no matter where a person comes from their blood is still red.

This flag can be flown anywhere between the most western point of Asia and most Eastern point of Africa.


Geographic Equal Latitude Flag for Asia, Africa, Europe and North America

The General Cycladic Belt flag can be flown anywhere from a latitude of 36 Degrees 00 Minutes North unto 37 Degrees 32 Minutes North.  This is due to the fact that at this latitude Asia, Africa, Europe and North America are all parallel to each other.  Thus the four triangles represent the four continents seeing eye to eye at this latitude.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tassels from The Time Machine - 1960

 The granddaddy of time machine movies is based upon the story by Hubert George Wells, the Time Machine.  Before the Hot Tub, the flying DeLorean, or Skynet, there was the chair with a spinning disk, originally built in 1899. 

Tassels are often official parts of the flag, yet less ignored but when flags are in full dress the colour and length of the tassels are important.

The common theme in this film as with all good time travel films, is the timeless transcendent spirit of love, friendship and loyalty that connects the future to the past.

UDF command Flags - 2014

Unique movie flags appears in the Edge of Tomorrow 2014.  The UDF is a fictional defense alliance created after the arrival of aliens who have the capacity to travel trough time and act as one entity.

The Edge of Tomorrow effectively takes the 12:01pm theme and makes an awesome movie.  The other successful movie of the 12:01pm was Ground Hog Day in 1993. 

The Conan Texas Hot Tub Time Machine Toaster Republic Flag

A unique comedic Texan flag appeared on the Conan O'Brien show on February 19, 2015.  When sexist trouble arises during the interview with stars of Hot Tub Time II Machine, they become determined to fix things.  On their second jump back in time, they accidentally cause the rise of Texan Toasters to rule the world.  The flag of the Texan Toaster Flag is strikingly similar to the flag of Texas, except for the seal of the master race of machines who are apparently sentient toasters.

 See the Episode Here:;eyJ0b3RhbCI6NCwidHlwZSI6InRhZyIsImlkIjo5fQ

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Flags in Jobs 2013 movie, about Steve Paul Jobs


In 2013 the US peace canton flag appears in the movie Jobs, which was about one of the Apple founders Steve Paul Jobs.  The US peace flag uses a peace symbol on a field of navy blue for the canton.

Another flag also appears during the scene, is the US Ecology flag.  It is composed of the colours green, white, and yellow.  The field has green and white stripes.  In the canton is a yellow theta letter on a green.

Friday, February 20, 2015

The Asia-America Ocean Longitude Gap Flag

The Amerasian Ocean Longitude Gap flag is a geographic flag.  It represents the longitude between the most eastern point of Asia and most western point of North America.  This flag can be flown anywhere between168 Degrees 5 Minutes West unto 169 Degrees 40' West.

The Atlantic Ocean Longitude Gap

The Atlantic Ocean Longitude Gap flag is a geographic flag.  It is for the longitude between the continents of South America and Africa.  This flag can be flown anywhere between the most western point of South American and most eastern point of Africa, which is from 34 Degrees 47' West unto 17 Degrees 33' West.

The Arctic Intercontinental Ocean Gap Flag

The Arctic Continental Ocean Gap Flag is a geographic flag.  It represents the area above the most northern point of the continents, found in Asia. Thus it can be flown anywhere from 73 degrees 43' north (the most northern tip of Asia) unto the north pole 90 degrees north.

Yellow is associated with Asia and the yellow ring of the Olympic Ring, we have a yellow stripe along the bottom.  Since the crab is the most northern water sign of the zodiac, its symbol is in the center. 

Intercontinental Atlantic-Pacific-Arctic Ocean Gap Flag

The Atlapacitic Flag is for the intercontinental latitude between the continents of South America and Antarctica.  The colours represent the continents in the associative colours based upon the expanded Olympic rings.  In the seven ringed model, the Red Ring represents South America while the Orange Ring represents Antarctica.  The symbol for the "lowest" most southern water sign of the Greek Zodiac is centered in the middle, since this is the lowest and most southern of Intercontinental ocean gaps of the planet.

Thus is can be flown anywhere from 53 degrees 53' south (the southern tip of Chile) unto 63 degrees 12' south (the northern tip of Antarctica).

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Year of the Goat or Year the of Sheep?

Which is it? The Chinese Goat like the Greek Zodiac has two forms. Capricorn can be a goat or mythical sea goat. Likewise the Year of the Goat can be the Year of the Sheep.

For the record the Royal Chamber opens twice this year:  Starting March 20, 2015 unto April 20, 2015 we get for first batch of Aries Royals.  Then it opens again on December 22, 2015 until January 19, 2016 for Capricorn Royals. 

Lambchop pic
 Goat Pic

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Northern Asia Solo Latitude Flag

Which continental body is the most north of the north?  Maybe Europe or North America might pop into your mind?  But when, only the mainland continent is considered - Asia is King or rather Queen of the North, by a long shot.

Thus the Northern Asia Solo Flag is a geographic flag that heralds this fact.  For about five degrees from 72 degrees 0' North unto 77 degrees 43' North, Asia is the last continent standing above Europe and North America. 

In the upper hoist area is the North Star.  The three stripes represent the colours found in the Northern Lights.


Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Female Presidents Day!

Amaze your friends with this fun Presidential trivia concerning the USA

Which US State was the first female president born in? Yes, it already happened, and she led the nation during perilous and uncertain times.

Answer: Illinois!

 Janet Jagan was the first female president born in the United States.  Note, Jagan was not president of the United States, rather Jagan was the president of Guyana.  Janet Jagan was born in the USA - just like Ronald Regan.

J.J. like R.R. was born in Illinois.  J.J. was an International Illinois President while R.R. was Domestic Illinois President.  President J.J. was born in Chicago, IL on 10/20/1920 and President R.R. was born in Tampico, IL on 02/06/1911. 

Also note that Jagan kinda' sounds like Regan?  Certainly Jagan could pass as Regan's little sister, or rather Reagan could pass a Jagan's big brother? However their policies differed like night and day, or rather Yin and Yang. Bottom line is, perhaps they should name the international wing of Ronald Regan Airport the Janet Jagan wing?

Guyana is America's cousin nearly down under in South America.  If they only made a "Guyana Dundee" movie, then people would know about this nation that is so intimately tied to the United States. 

Another fun fact is that the person who designed the flag for the Nation of Guyana is an American.  And he is still alive!  Whitney Smith is a living legend or virtual  "Mr. Betsy Ross" from Massachusetts.

You can do the same thing but with African American Presidents.  Yep, there was more than one African American President born in the USA.


Which US state was the first African American President born in?

Answer: (Not Hawaii)Virginia

Joesph Jenkins Roberts was the first African American president.  He was the President of Liberia, that is.  Roberts was born in Virginia in 1848.  Nine other men born in the USA would later become presidents of Liberia.  Thus Obama is the 11th African American president born in the USA, but the first African American president of the USA.  Coincidentally Liberia has 11 stripes on its flag.  

Happy Presidents Day!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Flags the official video for the song Under Pressure - 1981

 Happy Valentine's Day!

Every so often passions get out of control.  Groups and organizations often embrace power or anger to get their needs and wants heard.  But in 1981 a song was made that heralded a call for love - Under Pressure as made by Queen and David Bowie. 

The song is designed like a movie with an opening act, middle, and final act passionately evoking the spirit of love.  In the video the spirit of 1960s hippie love and romantic golden screen era kisses underlines this call to the heart. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

South American Solo Longitude Flag

The South American Solo Longitude Flag is geographic flag for the region of South America below the most southern point of Australia.  What this means is that America, at least South America, is the most southern continent, more southern than Australia. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The North Asiamerifica Flag

The North Asiamerifica Flag is a special flag of geography.  It is for the latitudes of when Asia, North America and Africa all are all parallel to each other.

The South Asiamerifica Flag

The South Asiamerifica Flag is a geographic flag.  It for the special line of latitude whereby Asia, Africa, and South America are all parallel to each other on a longitudinal axis. 

The Old North Americasia Flag

The Old North Americaisa Flag is a geographic flag.  It represents the thinnest alignment of continents between North America and Asia. The pattern of colours echo the national flags of Russia and Canada, since these nations define the northern and southern boundaries of this area.

South American Eastern Longitude Solo Flag

The South American Eastern Longitude Solo Flag is a geographic flag.  It is specifically designed for the region of South America beyond the eastern shoreline of the North American continent. 

South North America Overlap Flag

The South North America Overlap Flag is a geographic flag for the region of North America and South America that are directly due north or south of each other.  The colourful design is reflective of the nations that reside or have part of their area in the North to South American Axis. 

The canton is based upon the flag of Chile which has a single star on field of blue, but for this flag it is yellow.  US states that totally reside in this longitude include: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Maryland, and the District of Columbia.  US states that teeter between this are and the North American Solo Longitude include: Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, West Virginia, and Ohio. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

North American Solo Flag

The North American Solo flag is a geographic flag for the western end of North America that is not due north of South America.  This region of longitude includes most of the western end of Canada, the United States, all of Mexico, most of central America.

South Afrimerica Flag

The South Afrimerica Flag is a geographic flag for the private latitude shared between the continental bodies of Africa and South America.  This latitude is based upon the area in between the most southern point of the Asian Mainland along with the most northern point of the Australian mainland.

Nations wholly in the Africmerican Latitude include Rwanda, and Burundi.  Nations that partially reside in the latitude and can also fly this flag include Ecuador, Indonesia, Northern Peru, Gabon, and Kenya. 

Eurafrica Overlap Flag

The Eurafica Overlap Flag is for the region of Europe and Africa that are due north or south of each other, not including Asia.  Thus much of Africa can fly this flag.  Note since Kenya, Ethiopia, and Somalia share a total longitude with Asia, they can not fly this flag.

The upper right-fly side represents Europe, the lower left-hoist side represents Africa.  Although they differ like black and white, the red stripe down the middle indicates their blood is both red and they liver under a golden yellow sun.  

Nations that wholly reside in the Eurafrica Overlap longitude include: Nigeria, Togo, Gabon, Benin, Little Congo, Cameroon, and Chad. Note than Iceland can not fly this flag nor can the main body of Russia, except for Kaliningrad. 

Western Solo Flag of Africa

The Western Solo Flag of Africa is a geographic flag for the region of Africa that is more westwards than the continent of Europe, not including islands.  Thus the nations of Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia, and Guinea-Bissau can fly this flag, as can a wee nibble of Ireland and Iceland.  It is for the most western region of the Old World landmass.

Eastern Solo Flag of Asia

The Eastern Solo Flag of Asia is a geographic flag.  It can be flown in the region of Asia upon its eastern most sphere of land.  The far east of Russia, and the many isle in the South pacific that are due south of the Asian Continent can fly this flag, which includes: New Zealand, Fiji, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, and the wee portion of Alaska due south of Asia. 

The Australasia Flag

The Australasia flag is for the region of Asia that is due north of the Australian continent.  Green represents Islam, orange represent the faith of the Hindu-Buddeic tradition, and the southern cross represents Christianity and Australia.

This flag can be flown almost anywhere in Japan, both Koreas, and the Philippines.  The eastern portion of Russia, China, Mongolia, and Indonesia can also fly this flag.  

North and South Americas Equal Latitude Flag

There is a region in the Americas whereby North America is parallel to South America.  This flag is for that thin slice of America where North America is south of South America and South America is north of North America.  It is from 7 degrees 12' North in Panama unto 12 degrees 27' North in Colombia. This line of latitude also crosses through Asia and Africa.