Monday, August 4, 2014

US Flag in High Noon - 1952

Gary Cooper stars as Marshall Will Cane the Lone Lawman facing down his Vengeful Evil Foe - High Noon 1952

 In 1952 the US flag made an appearance in one of the classic game changer gems of Hollywood Cinema.  Breaking with tradition can be a risky move, but sometimes it pays off.  More than just a change up on Western Action, High Noon 1952  presents hard moral choices.  Besides adding a layer of depth to a popcorn action genre, it showed a romantic relationship between a strong willed and fiercely independently minded Mexican woman with two white Southern Men.

37 Stars indicates the time period between 1867-1876
Besides a man facing a moral dilemma, so to would a young woman, Amy Flower Kane, played by Grace Kelly.   Amy is a pacifist Quaker, but she has a chance to save her man's life by breaking with her religious standards.  Amy chooses to stand her personal ground and draw lead.  A woman with a gun was taken as offensive to many  men of that era, in an era when it was not socially acceptable for women to wear pants, which was tantamount to cross dressing, until after the 1960s.

Hard it is now to appreciate this type of movie if you are younger than the Baby Boomer Generation, but it was still a smash hit for its hard hitting edgy themes and style.  It was considered one of Ronald Regan's favorite films. 

The debate between war and peace is not a new subject, ever so ancient.  But note this movie was created and released in the middle of the Korean War.

Notice Bonnet Ribbons on Grace Kelly
Subsequently, making such a movie caused a political backlash. So controversial was this film that persons involved in its production were BLACK LISTED by cowardly fearful Hollywood Bosses.  Coincidentally this movie showed the social dilemma between men of honor and men who make excuses.

High Noon puts into sharp focus the two-footer stand on your own two feet philosophy, in contrast to the weak minded cowardly element that often rules men and women in the face of evil. 

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