Sunday, August 3, 2014

Surrey Flags in Marely and Me - 2008

In 2005 a new All American Dog followed the paw prints of Rin Tin Tin, Lassie, and Benji.  However this not so mutty mutt was a grade A pedigreed wonder-puff whose likability was not his talent to do tricks, but his uncanny ability to get into hot water.

Earthy and warm, Marley was a dog that any dog lover could relate to.  

Marley was a virtual Menace the Dennis of Dogs.  But this movie was more than just a canine companion film, it touched on the meaning of life and love without being too sappy or serious.  This movie was seasoned with giggles and comedic situations that were exquisitely prepared by David Frankel.

Of vexillological importance  are the unique surrey pennants that appear on the 'four wheeled family and friends bicycle.'  On the upper awning are two orange pennants whom the surrey belongs to. 
The pennants on the surreys have a red background with a cursive letter B in yellow.

If we ever run out of energy or go 100% green, here is what your future family sedan may look like, the surrey.


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