Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sculptor the Sculpture and Caelum the Chisel Constellation Flags

Sculptor & Caelum
The Sculpture and The Chisel

The Constellations of The Cosmic Sculpture and The Heavenly Chisel are united in a Kingdom of Names like creator and the created.  Somewhat related to the secondary symbols of Freemasonry it is the transformation of a plain rough textured substance into a finely chiseled work of art or matter of importance.  Sculptor and Caelum match like pen to a message, paintbrush to picture, guitar pic to melody, spatula to meal, camera to movie, scalpel to healed patient, video game controller to beaten game, or soon to be created wizards digital wand to grand Oz-like illusion. 

 The flag of Caelum the Chisel crosses all of the 40s, thus a thick green bar.  It partially dips in to the 30s for a top yellow stripe, and the 50s for a bottom blue stripe. 
 The flag of Sculptor the Sculpture only partially filly the 30s and 40s lines of latitude of the Southern Celestial Skies, thus it has a counter charge stripe patter in the middle. 

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