Saturday, August 2, 2014

Scepter of the Oldest Fraggle in Fraggle Rock

 Fraggle Rock is a heartwarming series created by Jim Henson.  The series is the zeineth of 1980s puppetry, and stories ran the spectrum of adult to kid's interest.  Sometimes it was like Star-Trek, other times soapy, many times a drama, and often like old MTV.  It was an educational series but so subdued with music and fun, that the stories were more than just stories but ranged into the wholesome fable range. 

In one episode, the oldest Fraggle in the caves holds a scepter.  The finial is made of metal with three prongs that look something like a straight pitchfork.  On the middle prong is a metal sphere. 

Fraggles like humans can sense the mystical and wise sense of sphere.  But Fraggles value dance, play, more than work. 

To the left you can see Red talking to the oldest Fraggle who has the Scepter of the Wisest in his left hand. 

Fraggle Rock was the last of great puppet shows before the advent of CGI.

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