Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fraternal Constellations of Cancer and Scorpio

Cancer & Scorpio
The Crab and The Scorpion

The Cosmic Crab and Heavenly Scorpion match up like Yin and Yang.  The Crab being Yin which is the feminine, and the Scorpion being like Yang which is the masculine - since it has a deadly stinger. 

Long long ago when the Galaxy was in a different place far far away, the Crab and Scorpion were brothers.  But time separates families and the Scorpion had a harder life than the Crab.  Mother Earth loved all her children and saw how difficult a life the Scorpion had, so she gave her scorpions a stinger to defend themselves from the wild animals. 

Cancer and Scorpion are 'Fraternal Constellations.'


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