Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fraternal Constellations Gemini and Indus

Gemini & Indus
Castor & Pollux and The Native American & The Native to India

Gemini and Indus are 'Fraternal Constellations.'  Indus represents a 'Janus Element' in the order of things.  In this case Indus has two forms - the High Priest from India and the Shaman of Native America.  Which is it?  Depends on who you ask.  Some pick a side, some say both, and some say it depends.  Likewise Twins offer up a similar debate on labels and a Janus Element to what life is, especially conjoined twins.  If they are connected just below the heart and only have one digestive-plumbing system but two heads; do they have two souls in one body? If they have children, do any children born of such a father with two heads have two biological dads or one dad?  These are not science fiction mysteries, but current realities.

 The Flag of Indus the Shaman of North America/High Priest of India  is composed of a field of four colours: green, blue, indigo, and violet.  The stars are black and white.

The symbol for Indus the Brahman or Indus the Sage are two letter Ss, crossed at 90 degrees.  It represents the typical formation of a spiral or barred galaxy.  Symbols of this sort have been found in many tribes across North America and within the Hindu-Buddeic Tradition long before the arrival of Christopher Columbus or the landing of Lief Ericson upon the shores of North America.

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