Sunday, August 24, 2014

Flags of Microscopium the Microscope and Telescopium the Telescope

Microscopium & Telescopium
The Microscope and The Telescope 

For most of written human history, we had no idea of the tiny universe of animals living all around us and in our tears and ears, nor did we understand that the sun is really a star and that others stars are suns.  

But with the invention of the Microscope and Telescope the hidden formerly invisible kingdoms of amazingly small animals and plants became visible.  Likewise the borders of our universe expanded, we would no longer perceive the planets as stars.

We became simultaneously giants and tiny creatures.  Super-giants relative to the animals that live in the drops of morning dew, and paradoxically tiny creatures relative to expanded borders of the known Universe.

"Five stars transformed into Planets that Wondered, and Earth transformed into a Wandering Star. "

So radical was this shift in our perception of reality, we now take it for granted today.  Much of this wonder shift in consciousness was due to our ability to improve our vision by creating 'magical glasses' constructed on sound mathematical principles that exposed these hidden worlds of wonder - the telescope and microscope. 

 The flag of Microscopium the Microscope has  bands of blue, green, and yellow.  Green is the thicker since Microscopium completely crosses all of the 40s Celestial Latitude.  Since The Cosmic Microscope partially fills the 30s and 50s it gets a smaller yellow band and smaller blue band. 
The flag of Telescopium uses the colours of blue and indigo to indicate its visibility along the 50s and 60s degree's celestial latitudes.  Since The Heavenly Telescope does not dominate a band, the centrally placed stripes are present.

By providence these constellations are at one of the Celestial Four Corners, as it is on Earth.  We have the American four corners of Utah-Colorado-Arizona-New Mexico or Canadian four corners of North West Territories-Nunavut-Manitoba-Saskatchewan.

But the Celestial Four Corners are composed of the Microscopium-Sagittarius-Telescopium-Indus.  On our Celestial Globe Microscopium is diametrically opposed to Telescopium as are Utah-to-Arizona or rather North West Territoires-to-Manitoba.  

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