Monday, August 18, 2014

Flags in Reading Rainbow's Melody Sheep Remix

Reading Rainbow is a program on PBS that is dedicated to illustrating the joy of reading.  Starring LeVar Burton, it has created a wealth of joy and interest in reading.

Recently a music video was made cutting up splices from Reading Rainbow with the Melody Sheep program, creating a song that taps on the key virtues expounded on Reading Rainbow.  Instead of reading to be smarter than your rival or passing a test, Reading Rainbow focused on the inherent joy of reading minus the academic holier than thou tone typically strewn from the Dr. Smartypants Establishment.  But you don't have to take my word for it.

Reading really is a kind of magic, that allows any person to enter that transcendent timeless dimension.  It is a kind a time travel.

In the first picture behind LeVar an artistic tapestry of sorts can be seen.  Upon the shield is a design that is reflective of simple heraldic traditions. 

In the second picture, LeVar stands in front of some mini table top flags of the world.  One of the flags looks like the flag of Mali, while the others are harder to make out.

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