Sunday, August 3, 2014

Flags in Marley and Me - 2008

 Marley and Me 2008 is a film based upon the book written by John Grogan in 2005.  This film is more than just a story about dogs, it is a thematic picture of life that sometimes you get more than what you want, when you let life have its way with you.  Originally Marley is considered a 'bad dog,' but this dog later becomes a celebrity in South Florida and later a household name, thanks to John Grogan who notices that his dog is absolutely a 'Good Dog' and by serendipity, helps launch his career into stratosphere.  

Grogan is originally a young hipster who wanted to become hard nosed news reporter, but in the pursuit of this dream he ends up becoming a famous columnist, and later the dream weaver to a major blockbuster Hollywood film - Marley and Me 2008.

Several flags make appearances in the movie.  The US and Florida State flag appear when Gorgan is about to interview with his proving ground columnist paper, the Sun Sentinel

Additionally several more flags appear in front of the airport just before Gorgan is about to pick up his dog of national destiny - Marley.

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