Saturday, August 2, 2014

Flags in Fraggle Rock

 The Canadian flag makes an appearance in Fraggle Rock when Uncle Traveling Matt attempts to make contact with a statue.  Also visible is the North West Territories Flag.  It makes good sense since the original entrance to Fraggle Rock was apprently in Ontario, Canada.

Fraggles are apparently a non-local species from a distant dimension.  It seems when a local Ontario Inventor was conducting some experiments with nuclear materials and lasers, it opened up dimensional rift between Fraggle Land and Earth, known to Fraggles as 'Outerspace.'

Oddly the absent minded professor, simply known as Doc, is completely oblivious to his accidental Earth shattering discovery.  But his loyal dog Sprocket makes every effort to snag a Fraggle when they visit his workshop.

The celebratory Fraggle flag consists of a long wooden pole with several multicoloured free flowing fabric like ribbons.  Although seemingly random, there is regular pattern and blend of colours that make it Fraggle-like.  The colours include white, maroon, pink, purple, and orange.  Designs include square billets and holes.

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