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Flags in the Bob Ross Documentary "Bob Ross the Happy Painter" - 2013

Creating pictures is an ancient form of expression and at the end of the 20th century a simple and joy filled technique spread across the world with the calm and precisely controlled brush strokes of Bob Ross. More than just painting pictures Bob Ross gave the viewer a sermon on the joy of creativity.  Ross added a level of sincerity, peace, and heart into the entertainment sphere of television that usually relies on flashy and over the top wackiness to keep the people engaged and entertained.  During the show, Bob Ross would continually encourage the viewer that anyone could do what he did, in his own words he said, "People continually say [to me - Bob Ross]... I don't have the Talent, Bob, to do what You're doing!  [I - Bob Ross say] That's Baloney!  Talent is a pursued interest. In other words... Anything that you're willing to practice...You Can Do."  

In this documentary traditional flags do not appear but rather the recently popular geopolitical national outline flags appear when they explain Ross's rise to global superstar status as seen in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Ireland Accidentally got filled in as a part of the UK
 Bob Ross is not just an American Treasure, rather he is a Global Treasure.  A rise from humble beginnings, even after his passing on July 4, 1995 the joy of this life continues to inspire creativity across the world. 

Even with a professional big budget, errors sometimes slip in.  I myself am not immune to these slip ups, but the producers of the documentary accidentally flagged Ireland as a part of the UK.  I guess they must have had an old map from before 1931.
Senor Ross, Roberto is also a heroic artist to Mexico, the Rich Coast and Columbia.  In this Geographic Flag Map the producers got the flags correct. 

Although Ross may have looked like a hippie, he was in the Air Force for much of his adult life.  He originally grew up in Florida, but being transferred to Alaska when he was 21 made him become the legend that he was destined to be.

What do Iranians, Turks, and Americans have in common that they love to watch?  Answer: "Happy Clouds and Happy Little Trees" as painted by Bob Ross.  Perhaps at the next peace summit we can get our leaders to take 20 minutes to do a landscape painting around Mr. Ararat?  Amazingly Bob Ross's The Joy of Painting was aired and Iran! What a joy indeed.

 Again they goofed on the map, or rather had a happy accident, this time with the Geographic Flag Map of Japan.  They accidentally coloured Sakhalin under the Japanese fold.  It's the northern most island that kinda' looks like fish. I guess they must have used a really old map again since the Southern Half of this island belonged to Japan before WWII?

No matter, the techniques promoted by Bob Ross allowed anyone to easily enjoy and experience the 'Joy of Painting' or rather the 'Joy of Creativity.'  Bob Ross's show was more than just a painting show.  It was kind of medicine, that only charged you a few minutes of your time and attention.  So powerful was his simple, heartfelt love of nature that his passion for painting allowed the various colours of the world to enter a nexus of joy and peaceful creativity.

I, Christopher Maddish, would like to add that everyday you 'Write, Draw, Play, Jump, Laugh, or Imagine' it'll bring happiness to your heart, and to those around you, because you can do it, so do it! 

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