Monday, August 25, 2014

Flags for Lupus the Wolf and Lynx the Bobcat

Lupus & Lynx
The Wolf and The Bobcat

Cats and dogs are the perfect example of Yin and Yang, like night and day or bitter and sweet.   Likewise the Lynx and the Wolf are joined as Constellation Partners that echo of cats and dogs.  In this order the older cousins of cats and dogs who were never tamed by man and woman are honored in the night sky. 

You can combine dogs and wolves, since dogs are domesticated wolves.  Likewise you can combine cats with lynxes since cats are domesticated bobcats/lynxes.  There is a slight difference between the lynx and bobcat, but the bottom line is that cats are closely related to both of these wild cats.

Both Lynx the Wildcat and Lupus the Wolf are rooted to the Northern Galactic Pole.  However The Wolf roams in the Southern Skies, while the Wildcat pounces along in the Northern Skies.

 The flag of Lupus the Wolf uses the colours yellow, green, and blue.  Since the Wolf steps into the Milky Way its Astrological Icon is white.

Lynx has the same field colours as the wolf but in a different order and an extra stripe of indigo since it reaches into 60s.

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