Sunday, August 24, 2014

Flags for the Constellations Lyra the Lyre and Pictor the Easel

Lyra & Pictor
The Lyre and The Easel

Lyra the Lyre and Pictor the Easel illustrate the two most basic forms of art: music and pictures.  To be specific they remind us of the cosmic melodies and vibrant colours that can be found all across the Universe. 

The flag of Lyra the Lyre completely crosses the northern 30 degrees sector.  The Lyre is doubly North-bound as it is rooted the Northern Heavens and Northern Galactic Pole.  However it crosses into the 'Monkey in the Middle' Milky Way Zone. 
The flag of Pictor the Easel is bound to the Southern Heavens and also rooted to Southern Galactic Faction. 

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