Monday, August 25, 2014

Flags for Cetus the Whale and Delphinus the Dolphin

Cetus & Delphinus
The Whale and The Dolphin

The constellations of the Whale and Dolphin match in a cosmic kind of way.  Each name of the Constellations harmonize with a special partner.  In this case two air breathing 'fish' are branded together as 'Fraternal Constellations.'  Astronomers had a tendency to name things in pairs, on a subconscious level.

Both flags are in the Equatorial region of the Celestial Sphere, thus both get white stripes.  Cetus's territory actually crosses the Cosmic Equator.  Both cetaceans are rooted to Southern Galactic Sphere allied to Andromeda Galaxy.  

 The flag of Cetus the Whale has two white stripes since it completely crosses both the north and south 10s field.
The Heavenly Dolphin crosses into the Milky Way, so its Astrological Totem is white.  The totem is a fused Greek Letter D (Delta) and Roman Letter D, which coincidentally looks like a dolphin's dorsal fin breaking the water at a certain angle. Although visible in the Northern Skies, Delphinus is rooted to the Southern Galactic Pole.

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