Saturday, August 23, 2014

Flag of Norma the Set Square and Circinus the Drawing-Compass

 Norma & Circinus
The Set Square and The Drawing-Compass

The names of the Constellations in the Night's Sky are not so random.  An emergent pattern can be discerned when they are put in a certain order like Yin and Yang as in the Eastern Traditions or rather like Eve and Adam as it is in the Western Traditions, respectively.  Note that Yin is to Eve as Adam is to Yang.

The Constellations harmoniously pair up in an uncanny and amazing way.  They illustrate a kind of Cosmic Symmetry that is often found in Masonic Imagery.  In fact there are two constellations dedicated to the two iconic symbols of Free Masonry: the drawing-compass and square level.  Coincidentally both constellations reside in the Milky Way Galaxy and are 'non-partisan' on a Galactic Scale.  Since they are located in the Milky Way their symbols are white sandwiched between yellow astrological symbols.

 The main stars for Norma the Set Square are along its northern borders.  The symbols for Gemini indicate that it is best viewed during the month of June.  Note a good way to remember the Constellation of the Set Square's Greek name is to think of Norm from This Old House, who was a carpenter.  Thus Norm could often be seen using a Norma on PBS. 
 The stars that make up the constellation of Circirnus the Drawing-Compass are best seen during the months of May and June ergo the symbols of Taurus and Gemini. 

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