Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Flag of Mensa the Table Mountain and Eridanus the River

Mensa & Eridanus
The Mountain and The River

Odd as it may seem, the names of the constellations in the night sky can be ordered along a harmonious line, two by two.  In this case two natural lays of the land collide in the heavens to make a concordant whole: Mensa the Table Mountain and Eridanus the River.

It is often said that a river has a spirit of its own, likewise many claim the same for mountains.  Although science draws a declarative line between what is living and what it not, scientists always classify great collections of hydrogen as being alive.  Apparently the scientific community agrees that atoms are not alive, but stars are, since they are 'born' and 'die.'  Watch any PBS or Discovery documentary about space and they will always describe stars as living entities.  If you do the same for a small collection of methane gas, they will lock you up and throw away the key. 

Nonetheless the River in the Sky and Mountain upon the Celestial Sphere pair up like Yin and Yang, combining the natural and awe inspiring elements of water and earth.

From a military point of view this comparison is like Navy and Army.  Together, these two constellations cover all the bands and colours of the Southern Night's Sky from equatorial region of white unto the polar region of black.

The flag of Eridanus the River crosses the equator unto the Southern 50s region of the Celestial Sphere.
The flag of Mesna the Mountain covers the end of the rainbow from the 60s indigo region unto the 80s black region of the Celestial Sphere. 

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