Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Flag of Hercules the Strong Man and Ophiuchus the Healer

Hercules & Ophiuchus
The Strong Man and The Medicine Man 

Hercules and Ophiuchus are the proverbial match of Brawn and Brains.  They are men who have traveled far and accomplished much.  Both are miracle workers in their own right, have wrested with serpents, and fought the good fight with Death.

Their constellations are fairly big and their Celestial Longitudes match, since they are best visible during June and July - thus their individual Astrological symbols are Gemini and Cancer.  Coincidentally both are rooted to the Northern Galactic Faction and dip into the Milky Way.

 The flag of Hercules is nearly a perfect rainbow.  It is missing indigo and violet. 
 Ophiuchus the Healer is a quasi zodiac sign since the planets pass through him.  Additionally the Celestial Equator runs past his legs. 

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