Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Flag of Cepheus the King and Cassiopeia the Queen

Cepheus and Cassiopeia 
The King and The Queen

Like a good hand in a game of cards, it's good have a King or Queen.  Likewise the Night Sky must have King and Queen in the pantheon.  In this case Cepheus the King matches up with Cassiopeia the Queen.  The purpose of this post is to show that each constellation has a cosmic harmonious partner.  In this case the Northern Skies is where the King meets his Queen.

 The flag of Cassiopeia is similar to the king via a violet, indigo, and blue band.  The Queen of the Heavens completely crosses the Milky Way to earn a 'traffic light' colouration on her longitudinal axis, which means she is best viewed during the months of Libra to Sagittarius - October to December. 
The flag of Cepheus the King crosses in the northern polar 80s celestial latitude.  Subsequently the flag has a black stripe along the top, which causes his longitudinal band to shift from black to navy blue.  The King also touches the Milky Way but does not cross it completely.  The King of the Cosmic Sphere is best viewed during the months of Leo to Pisces. 

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