Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Flag for Orion the Hunter and Bootes the Herdsman

Orion & Bootes
The Hunter & The Herdsman

The Hunter and Herdsman are ancient occupations, before the rise of any written word.  These occupations are the economic forefathers of modern man whence Astrology and Astronomy were one in the same.

So too, once upon a time was the Wall Street Trader and Family Farmer united as one occupation.  Business traders and shepherds are still united in manipulating the matter of the universe for maximum profit, but have changed much in the manner of doing so.      

But in the conventional sense comparing these constellations, the Hunter must track his free and wild prey using stealth, patience, and wit to gain his prize.   While the herdsman must use love and vigilance to keep his domesticated and imprisoned prey safe.  

 The flag for Bootes the Herdsman is colourful due its wide range from the equatorial 00s region unto the 50s.   The Herdsman fills up the Northern Sky and is rooted to the Northern Galactic Region. 

The flag of Orion the Hunter has the equatorial stripe, since he crosses the Celestial Equator.  Orion is rooted to the Southern Galactic Region but dips his arm into the Milky Way Galaxy.

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