Monday, August 25, 2014

Flag for Cygnus the Swan and Grus the Crane

Cygnus & Grus
The Swan and The Crane

The two most graceful birds of the Constellations that exude an elegance are linked and revealed to the public for the first time as 'Fraternal Constellations.'  Some birds are noisy, loud, annoying, or fearsome.  But the presence put forth by these birds illustrates that elegance is not just a human quality.

The Swan and Crane are water foul, but yet reflect the docile spirit of heaven.  They are something more than a humble duck, but of free flowing avian royalty.

 Cygnus the Swan is a double agent that touches base with the Northern and Southern Galactic factions, completely crossing the Milky Way.  Thus it has the traffic light pattern on its Celestial Longitude axis.  The Swan is best seen in August and September.

Grus the Crane is attached to the Southern Skies and Southern Galactic Pole.

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