Saturday, August 2, 2014

Doozer Vexilloids from Fraggle Rock

 The Doozers are a secondary race in the world of Fraggle Rock.  They live mostly oblivious to the Fraggles as humans live oblivious to the bumble bee kingdoms, or the people involved in agriculture. However unlike the bumbee the Doozers actively allow the Fraggles to consume their honey, or rather Doozer sticks. 

Of vexillological importance is the Doozer Hat.  When Doozers reach the age of becoming a worker, they graduate with a revered full of pomp Doozer Hat Ceremony.

Unlike the graduation cap of the square strange silly creatures, which is mostly decorative and symbolic, Doozers receive a scared and fully functional hat that they will use their entire life.

This special yellow hat is worn by all mature worker Doozers.  Not only does it protect them, but assures other Doozers that they are qualified to work on a coveted Doozer construction project.

Perched on top of two floral sacred Doozer Towers are yellow helmets.  This illustrates that the Doozer Hat is more than just a hat, but rather has sacramental quasi-military social rank significance.   

Doozers live symbiotically with Fraggles.  Doozers make elaborate buildings that get consumed by Fraggles.  Apparently the structures are made from radishes mixed with a specially reprocessed potpourri of mysterious materials.

When the crew from Animal Planet's The Jeff Corwin Experience was filming an episode on the fauna of Fraggle Rock, Crowin reported to have seen the Doozers mix a "primordial Doozer gel" with a, "sweet smelling aromatic, glowing Fraggle Poo."  When Corwin was lucky enough to bear witness to this 'magical' event the camera batteries were, unfortunately, all being charged.  Doozer stick formation is still an unknown mystery to scientists across the world.  Coincidentally, this relationship is similar to humans and plants, whereby fertilizers made from excrement of various animals are reconstituted into the plant to make fruits, veggies, and various kinds of lettuce that the humans later eat.

Biologist have classified Doozers as a keystone species in the Fraggle Rock ecosystem.  It is theorized that Doozers are responsible for creating light from various chemical compounds in the rock through an unknown chemo-synthetic process, which results in bio-luminescent Doozer Sticks and other bio-luminescent biological proteins.  Since the Fraggles live in caves devoid of sunlight the source point of energy must be chemosynthesis, instead of photosynthesis, as it is in normal 'Outer Space.'  

The highest of holy architects is standing in between the two holy Doozer towers.  Notice that Art Deco style for the front emblems.


  1. Radishes are the main ingredient in Doozer sticks. As these are grown under sunlight in the Gorg's garden, harvested by Doozers and eaten by fraggles, your chemosynthesis hypothesis is fundentally flawed. Bioluminescence in fraggle Rock is caused by a variety of creatures that feed from nutrients leeched downwards from the surface and from guano left by all species in the cave systems, especially bats, rats and fraggles.

    1. Thanks for tuning in, but which creatures are causing the Bioluminescence?

      Thanks for sharing

    2. They are called Ditzies :) My pleasure.

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