Sunday, August 24, 2014

Constellation flags of Vela the Sails and Carina the Keel

Vela & Keel
The Sails and The Keel

Two of the most important parts to ship are the sails and the keel.  These essential parts of a sailing ship match up in a harmonious way. 

Each constellation is dedicated to the part of the ship that interacts with opposite elements that allow the vessel to move.  The Keel makes deepest contact with the water, while the sails make highest contact with the air. 

Both Constellations make contact with Milky Way Galaxy.  Vela the Sails crosses into both Galactic Spheres, while the Carina the Keel is rooted to the Southern Galactic Side and merging into the Milky Way Galaxy.

 The flag of Vela the Sails uses the colours red, green, and blue on its field. 
The flag of Carina the Keel uses the colours blue, indigo, and violet on the field.

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