Friday, August 29, 2014

Constellation Flags of Musca and Musca Borealis

Musca & Musca Borealis
The Southern Pooper Nipper and The Northern Pooper Nipper

Flying is such a beautiful thing.  But it is quite odd the English Language would associate this divine like activity with nature's most notorious sanitation crew of the universe - the pooper nipper, aka the fly. In most languages flying and a fly use different words.

The fly of the Southern Skies has been adopted by the scientific community as an official constellation, while the Northern Fly is ignored.  Just because something is ignored does not mean it does not exist.  Likewise just because a group of people declare something as not official does not mean another organization must follow suit.  Take for instance, unrecognized nations or religions.  There are several 'renegade' nations on Earth right now, in a strange way they bring balance to the world in their own way.  Likewise there are several 'meaning of life organizations' that have a faithful moral flock, yet do not get official federal tax free recognition.

So no matter, it is rather odd that one of the lowliest animals would get a coveted astronomical spot on the Celestial Globe - the Southern Fly.  Yet Pooper Nippers are essential organisms in the food chain working mostly on the sanitation crew.  Otherwise it'd take a rather long of time for the Fungus kingdom to decompose poodoo and compost.  Too bad there are no officially recognized plants or fungi on the official scientific chart.  But just because scientists don't officially recognize something does not mean it does not exist. Science is a wonderful tool but it is limited to logical and static phenomena. 

The Southern Fly's 'fraternal constellation' is the Northern Fly which has historical recognition, which is a distinct value in its own right.  This gives the Northern Pooper Nipper a power similar to former nation-states like the Prussia or the Confederacy.  Although Prussia and the Confederacy are no longer official, they exist in some sort of unbreakable and perpetual sense on a historical level.


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